Datanomics for Wellbeing at the European Social Economy Summit 2021…

Scientists in the World Datanomic Forum meet at the European Social Economy Summit on Wednesday, May 26th from 3 – 4.30 p.m. to discuss different ways to measure wellbeing through data.

The session takes place after a number of governments in Europe decided to alter their policies around healthcare and wellbeing due to #corona in the fight against ongoing social isolation.

Throughout Wednesday’s event, sata-scientists and reknown political advisors such as Brittany Kaiser, Ex-CEO of Camebridge Analytica, will outline their view on how to best use methods such as „Psychonomic Profiling“ for the joy and benefit of the people – in good and bad times. After Camebridge Analytica, the World Datanomic Forum is now starting to teach practises around Psychonomic Profiling to participants in World Emotional Intelligence Forums around the world.

Please register for the summit on or apply for one or more modules in Relative Psychonomics at

I look forward to an insightful and informative afternoon and thank the European Commission for the invitation, in the name of all participants!

With regards,

Paula Schwarz


The World Datanomic Forum